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We provide IT Support and Technology Consulting for Businesses on Long Island.

Get the IT Support You Need – When You Need it

When you are confronted with a technology problem, it’s important that your questions and issues get addressed quickly. Waiting for hours or days to talk to someone who knows what they’re doing is, unfortunately, an all too common experience in the IT support world.  All IT companies say they have great people (and they probably do) – the $64,000 question is, can you get in touch with them when you need to? As a client of Flexible Systems, we guarantee that you’ll get the IT support you need when you need it. Here’s why:

We Specialize in Supporting Small Businesses

Running a small business is hard. When you have technical problems, it’s even more difficult. Our goal is to make information technology easy for you. We’ll make sure that your systems are running smoothly, all of your information is secure, and your data is properly backed up. The result: less stress for you and better productivity for your staff.

Large IT Support Team – You’ll Always Get A Qualified Person on the Phone

Our Long Island based client support team is big enough (118 people) to provide coverage 24/7. Your calls will always be answered by a live technical person who will assess your situation and will connect you with someone who will be able to resolve your issue.

We’re A Local Company

While it’s true many issues can be resolved remotely, in some cases it’s much easier for you if we just jump in the car and head over to your office. Because we’re centrally located on Long Island, it’s easy for us to visit your office when going on-site is the most efficient and painless way fix your issue.

Breadth of Knowlege

There are so many disciplines within the field of IT that it’s become impossible for any one person to have expertise in all of them. That’s why we’ve built a team that has many years of experience implementing, maintaining, and supporting a wide variety of hardware and software. Our staff is trained and certified by the top IT companies in the industry.

Dedicated Point of Contact

As a client of Flexible Systems, you will have a dedicated team that understands your business and is familiar with your technology. This means you won’t need to waste time re-explaining your situation when you need IT support.

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