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Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Traditional locks and keys have been the standard technology for protecting property for centuries. If your business is still using them, you’re missing an opportunity to take advantage of the many benefits of a modern access control system. Managing physical locks and keys is an arduous task. At the end of the day you never seem to know who has a key, where a particular key is, or if your secure areas are really secure. Modern access control systems eliminate all the hassles of locks and keys and make it easy for you to grant or take away access with a click of your mouse. You’ll also gain the ability to keep track of who and when someone entered your building or a secure area in your facility.

Make Sure You Understand Your Options

There are many access control manufacturers and a variety of technologies available. It’s important that before you select a system you understand the differences between cloud-based and on-premise solutions. Our team of access control specialists will help you understand your options, and we’ll help you zero in on a solution that will meet your current needs and grow with you as your requirements evolve.

Designing Your System

Your access control system will touch every corner of your facility. That’s why it’s important that everything is carefully mapped out. The last thing you want is to encounter costly surprises during the installation. Our design team will meticulously detail where all devices need to be mounted, how they will be mounted, any low voltage cabling or electrical work needed. You can rest assured that your design will meet all electrical and fire codes.

Soup to Nuts Installation

We’ll handle all aspects of your installation with our in-house team of electricians, locksmiths, and IT professionals. Our team of IT specialists will also make sure your access control management software is properly deployed, configured and integrated. Flexible Systems is a certified partner of Brivo and Isonas Access Control systems. We are also structured cabling certified by Hubell, Leviton, and Panduit. Our entire team takes great pride in their work and are committed to doing things the right way. Your project won’t be complete until your facility is returned to pristine condition and you are completely satisfied with your fully functional state of the art access control system.

We’ll Always be Here When You Need us

Access control systems will naturally evolve as you make changes to your facility, you need to add features, or you are looking to integrate with other technologies. Our Long Island based support and field service team will provide comprehensive training and ongoing support for your access control system.


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