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18 June 2013

Why Updating Your Website is Important

Consider this scenario; you’re planning a vacation and want to go white water rafting. You send away for information from two separate outfitters. One company sends you an outdated brochure, with people sporting 60’s style hairdos and hanging on to primitive rafts. The other company sends you a brochure with images of the newest rafting equipment on the market, a list of their latest safety precautions, and coupons for next month.

Which outfitter would you choose? It’s possible that both companies are equally knowledgeable about rafting and maybe in reality both have the highest quality equipment available – but if a company doesn’t prove to you that they have these qualities, why would you consider them as an option?

It works the same way with the Internet and websites. You wouldn’t send prospects outdated brochures, so why would you have them visit an outdated website? In the same sense, why would Google display an outdated, irrelevant website on the first page of search results? Especially when tons of new and improved websites are popping up everyday.

Remember, search engines are businesses. They want people to keep using their service, so they aren’t going to display results that they deem irrelevant.

What is Relevant Website Content?

Relevant site content is in-depth text on your pages that describes your current services or products, your business achievements and goals, and industry related news. Although each of your pages have their own topic related to your business, it should be easy to see how each page is related.

Even if your services haven’t changed in the past five years, chances are that industry standards or how people view your services have. Your website should convey to readers that your business is up to par with the competition and always striving to meet the needs of your customers.

If it’s been over a month since your site was last updated with new, relevant content, you risk missing out on a first page placement in search results. Is that a chance you’re willing to take?

Google in particular takes a few things into consideration when determining what sites it displays in search results. These include:

Page Rank:

Page rank is Google’s way of determining a page’s popularity and relevancy by examining the number of quality outside links pointing to that page. Pages with a higher page rank are deemed more important than those with a low page rank. You can gain outside links by having “share worthy” content on your website that other sites think is good enough to share and link to.

Page and Site Content:

Do your website’s pages contain interesting, helpful content about your industry and business’s services? Does your text include identifying keywords and SEO in the appropriate places? Do all of your webpages talk about relating topics? These are things Google considers as it scans your website. Adding new content to your site consistently allows you to improve your site content and build up your SEO.


Distinctive, useful content makes it easier for Google to recognize what your site is about – and posting new content on a regular basis gives Google a reason to scan your site more often. Sites that are frequently updated also keep readers interested. No one is going to stay on your site to read outdated text – especially when your competition is talking about the latest developments in your industry.

You can keep your site up-to-date and on Google’s radar by consistently reviewing your site content every month and by actively blogging. Blogging about industry related topics on a regular basis gives search engines a reason to index your site more often. Blogs also allow you to add keywords to your website and give viewers a reason to return and link to you.

Not sure what to blog about or don’t have time? Our content writing service is fast, simple and leaves you free to run your business.  Call (631) 333-4033 to speak with an Internet Marketing Advisor about how your site content can be improved or complete the form in the right-hand sidebar of this page.