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Our Beginnings

Flexible Systems is the IT support & consulting company that business owners look to when they want results. As a consulting firm, we believe it’s our responsibility to challenge the status quo and help you find ways to protect and improve your business. Established in 1984, Flexible Business Systems has over one hundred employees and is based in Hauppauge NY.

Our Beginnings

Stony Brook Commencement

Seth (Left) and Joe (Right) in 1983

Flexible Systems’ story begins back in 1983 when the company’s founders, Seth Belous and Joe Saggio, were at their commencement ceremony at Stony Brook University. The two economics majors were discussing their plans to purchase personal computers so they could acquire skills that would make them more marketable. Joe decided on an Atari 800, Seth a Kaypro II.

As with all recent graduates, the priority for Joe & Seth was finding a job. As they prodded through the tedious and time consuming task, they realized that there had to be a better way. That’s when they had the light-bulb moment – start a business that used technology to simplify the job application process. They invested in additional hardware & software, built a database of companies, and wrote an application that automated the job application process.

The service was popular, but unfortunately their daisy wheel printer couldn’t keep up with demand and they lacked the capital required to purchase the equipment needed to rapidly scale the business. Since they had bills to pay, they put this project on the back burner and looked for jobs where they could work with personal computers. Seth became the PC Coordinator for a large International company, and Joe became the operations manager at a small business. While they worked at vastly different companies, both were tasked with finding ways to automate business processes using PCs.

The two friends often worked together to figure out solutions to problems they encountered at work. Soon they realized that between the two of them they had enough knowledge and experience to offer computer consulting services to small businesses. Before long they had more work than they could handle so they left their full time jobs, added Marty Schmitt to the team, and decided to form a company.

The initial focus of the company was developing custom software applications that ran on IBM PCs. Before long many of their clients were asking if there was a way for multiple people to use the software at the same time. After some research, the company started developing applications using a product called DataFlex (this is where the company name came from). This software worked in conjunction with a new type of multi-user system developed by a company called Alloy Computer Products.

The combination of the Alloy product with the DataFlex software was magical. Within one year Flexible Systems had become Alloy Computer Products’ largest value added reseller in the northeast. Joe, Marty, & Seth, rented their first office space in Melville, NY and moved the business out of Joe’s kitchen. Fast forward to today: Flexible is located in a company-owned 40,000 square foot building in Hauppauge, NY, and the company employs over one hundred people.

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Seth, Joe and Marty first teamed up on the Stonybrook Ice Hockey team. (Marty is in the top row, second from left; Seth is in the second row, 3rd from left; and Joe is in the second row, 2nd from right.)

From left: Joe, Marty and Seth.

Some of Flexible’s team members at the 2016 holiday party.