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16 December 2014

Update of Old System Positions Company for Future Growth, and Frees up Valuable Employee Time


A New York tool manufacturer was growing rapidly and wanted to expand into international markets. But there was a problem. The company was operating on a very old manufacturing system with no CRM or Ecommerce functionality in place. The old technology was holding them back. Flexible was managing the company’s network. As part of this ongoing service, our Technology Advisor regularly examined their business needs, and made recommendations for improvements. We understood the company was struggling, and had some ideas to help.


We spoke with the business owner to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges they faced. Through this discussion, we learned the company’s objectives, which included:

  • The need for an Ecommerce system, which would make online purchasing easier for customers
  • The ability to streamline the sales quote process, and make it less time consuming for employees
  • The capability to track and follow up on leads with a CRM system
  • A better inventory system, to understand what they had in stock and on order at all times
  • A stronger understanding of profits and financials
  • An accurate picture of trends and sales forecasts, to understand what they had in the pipeline
  • A system that would allow easier tracking of orders, with integration into their existing system, rather than a separate system
  • The ability to track tasks and phone calls, to better understand how many phone calls were coming in
  • The capability to track where leads are coming from, and the ability to measure this information for future marketing campaigns

However, since the tool manufacturer didn’t have IT staff to support the new technology, they would need a fully integrated solution that was hosted in the cloud. After evaluating the company’s objectives and needs, we recommended NetSuite.


Flexible implemented NetSuite, which is a complete solution for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationships Management (CRM) and Ecommerce. With this solution, the company would solve their immediate challenges, and position themselves better for future growth. The solution included:

NetSuite Ecommerce. This offers a web store platform, which allows prospects to create online quotes without user intervention.

NetSuite CRM+. This provides the company with the ability to track and follow up on leads. They can determine if prospects are up or down by month, and find out where prospects learned about their products. This assists with future marketing efforts.

NetSuite ERP. This allows the company to streamline all back-office operations and financial business processes, such as: accounting, inventory, and supply chain and order management, with a single ERP business management application.
Since NetSuite is fully in the cloud, the company benefited from not purchasing any hardware they would have to maintain or replace after a few years. Also, while being in the cloud, they had the benefit of disaster recovery. For example, if there was a power outage – staff could continue working remotely without interruption.

Moving Forward

The tool manufacturer started out with an old system that was holding them back. A partnership with Flexible allowed them to improve employee productivity and position themselves better for international growth. A fully-integrated solution accomplished this without any internal IT staff support.