Technology Tips
17 May 2018

The Best Way to Create Great Passwords That are Easy to Remember

In today’s world protecting your information is vital. That’s why each time you use a new service you’re asked to set up a new “strong” password. This is a great first step to make yourself more secure, however a common problem is that many people use the same strong password for all of the sites they use. If you do this and your password is compromised on one site, then the cybercriminal who accessed your password will have access to everything.

Use this simple technique below to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

The Problem: How do you create a unique, strong password that is easy to remember?

The Solution: Don’t make up passwords. Instead create a formula to build your passwords for you.

The Benefits: The only thing you need to remember is your formula.

Every site or application you use will be protected by a unique and strong password.

Step 1 – Pick Two Random Unrelated Words

  • Word 1 = pencil
  • Word 2 = skate

Step 2 – Add Capitals

Example: capitalize 2nd letter of each word


Step 3 –Add a Number

Example: insert your number (45) before the words


Step 4 – Add a Special Character

Example: insert your special character (@) after your number


Step 5 – Make Your Password Unique for Each site

Example: add the 2nd and 4th letter of the site name (Facebook) to the end of the password

For Facebook = 45@pEncilsKateae

The examples I’ve given are only to give you some ideas. Get creative with this. Once you make your own formula it will be easy for you to generate and remember unique passwords for each site you visit. While these passwords are a great first line of defense, remember if someone gets a hold of your password they can use it. For even better security, two factor authentication is highly recommended.