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16 January 2012

Problems Power Dips and Crashing Servers Solved for New York Company

A New York based company was struggling with a problem. Servers were plugged into basic power strips, which caused frequent power dips and system crashes. To make matters worse, the company had a complicated setup. An outside consultant wrote scripts that required a specialized expert to bring servers online in the correct order.

They engaged several different support companies to remedy the problem without any success. That’s when they turned to Flexible.

Solving the Problem

The company needed an expert with a deep understanding of the custom Linux environment the outside consultant had created. Flexible is staffed with experts in a variety of specialties, including Linux. We engaged a top-engineer, who understood how to bring the systems back in the correct order.

Identifying the problem:

Our engineer examined the company’s challenges. He quickly determined how everything was configured, pointed to each other, and was inter-reliant. So, when the company’s servers crashed – he got them up and running again quickly.

The long-term solution:

The engineer knew the company needed a long-term solution that would address the root of the problem: the power issues. The appropriate equipment wasn’t in place to sustain system operations, which resulted in the frequent crashes.

Our engineer transitioned the company onto a UPS (uninterrupted power supply), which is a large battery backup placed on the servers to prevent power issues. We also implemented several more solutions to prevent future issues.

Migrating to easily supportable solutions:

Flexible assisted with migrating the company off customized integrated applications, which made them too reliant on a single person. Supportable alternatives, included:

  • Migrating the virtualization platform to VMware vSphere
  • Migrating email systems from Linux based Zimbra to Microsoft Exchange 2010
  • Migrating CRM, ERP and eCommerce systems to Windows 2008 R2 servers
  • Migrating all file shares from Linux based Samba shares to Windows file shares
  • Migrated applications that needed to stay on Linux to Red Hat Enterprise version 6 to enhance efficiency
  • Implementing a Windows Active Directory domain, migrating all workstations to the new domain
  • Provided software solutions that replaced their custom written applications
  • Implemented remote access to the company’s Texas office through Citrix XenAPP

Moving Forward

The company started with customized integrated applications that were difficult to manage internally. But with Flexible’s help, they solved their power issues and migrated to more supportable solutions that anybody can support, even their in-house staff.

This prevents the company from being overly reliant on a single engineer or consultant – and gives them greater control and reliability.