El Paso Taco Grill

El Paso Taco Grill website

Project Info

Client El Paso Taco Grill
Services Website Design, Copywriting, SEO

Project Description

El Paso Taco Grill is a restaurant in Farmingdale, New York that serves traditional cuisine from Mexico, El Salvador and Honduras. The popular restaurant turned to Flexible when, after moving to a new location, online searches showed the wrong address or that the restaurant had closed. At the time, El Paso Taco Grill did not have a website.

Our Digital Marketing team worked with El Paso Taco Grill to find the right domain name and build a website from the ground up. We wrote all the website copy, selected the appropriate images and optimized the site for the best keywords in El Paso Taco Grill’s niche. The resulting website showcases their cuisine along with customer testimonials and a menu that makes it easy for customers to decide what to order.

In addition to the website design, we claimed El Paso Taco Grill’s online listings and successfully updated their address in search engines. The result is that customers googling Mexican and Latin American cuisine are able to find El Paso Taco Grill and are directed to the right address.