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Flexible Business Systems Opens a HIPAA Compliance Consultancy

The Final Omnibus Rule under the HITECH Act went into effect September 23, 2013. The 563 page document contains the most sweeping changes to the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules since they were first introduced in 1996. Individuals, agencies, and businesses that meet the definition of a Covered Entity or a Business Associate under HIPAA must comply with the new rules. The scope and complexity of these new regulations has left many Covered Entities and Business Associates unaware or confused about what they must do to achieve compliance.

How Often Should You Blog On Your Business Website?

Do you read the news? If so, you can imagine how boring it would be if the same stories repeated daily. Over time, you’d lose interest and stop reading, or cancel your subscription all together. Blogging is similar. Your audience is visiting your blog regularly to read fresh new content. If you blog too often, you’ll get exhausted. However, if you don’t blog enough, you’ll lose readers. So what’s the right balance?