New Technology

EHR adoption will bring a significant technology change in your medical practice. Your current systems may need to be upgraded or replaced and you will require additional computers, printers, and scanners to meet the requirements of your chosen EHR.

Technology Selection

Your computer equipment and network must work in concert with your EHR software. We will examine your system and propose changes or additions needed to match the requirements of your software provider. We will present you with the best available options from industry leaders like Apple, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Microsoft, Motion Computing and many more partners. To help you get a feel for what will work best for your practice, we offer hands on evaluations.

Industry Standards

Dozens of hospitals and medical practices purchase their technology from us. We have relationships with all of the major healthcare hardware vendors and we know what is working best for practices similar to yours. Our Medical Practice Technology Specialist will provide you with solutions that meet your requirements and have been successfully used in similar environments. We bring the experience of all of our clients to you so that you can make the best decisions.

Flat-Rate Installation

Our technicians will install all of your new technology for a flat-rate fee per device. Our flat-rate services provide you with a definitive and economical cost to implement the chosen technology.

Supporting Your Technology

Flexible Systems can support all of your computer, printer, and scanner technology and more.