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Microsoft Office – It’s Better in the Cloud

When you think of Microsoft Office, what comes to mind is Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. You may also believe that Microsoft Office 365 is just a different way of doing the same thing. However, once you get your hands on Office 365, you’ll quickly realize that Microsoft has created an exciting new way to facilitate communication, enable collaboration, and drive business process automation.

Microsoft Office 365 Will Revolutionize the Way You Work

Microsoft created a fantastic platform that if taken advantage of will revolutionize the way you work. Moving off of your on-premise systems and migrating to the cloud is a game-changer. Once in the cloud, you’ll begin to see benefits right away. However, it’s important to remember that Office 365 is just a set of tools. The real potential of Office 365 is unlocked when you use the tools to do things faster and better. Our Office 365 consultants will help you get Office 365 up and running, and our training team will help you take advantage of all that Office 365 has to offer.

Office 365 Will Significantly Lower Your IT Costs

Office 365 will reduce the need for you to purchase servers, server operating systems, and storage. Less equipment translates to less work needed to maintain and support your systems. Additional saving comes in the form of built-in offsite backup, IT security, and disaster recovery capabilities.

Office 365 Will Provide Effortless Access to Your Information

Because your documents are stored in the cloud, all you need to access them is an internet connection and your phone, tablet, or computer. Microsoft provides all the apps you will need to view and edit your files from any device. Of course, all your information will be safe and protected behind multiple layers of security.

Office 365 Will Allow for More Collaboration

Within Office 365, Microsoft has implemented a great feature called co-authoring. Co-authoring allows you and your co-workers or vendors to work on the same document at the same time. If you’ve never done this, you might not see the need. However, once you’ve used it, you’ll quickly see the value that co-authoring coupled with Microsoft Teams, will make collaborating with employees easy and efficient.

Office 365 Will Give You Better Control of Company Information

Keeping control of your company’s documents is a good business practice and is a critical component of maintaining compliance. Microsoft offers many features that allow you to manage who can view, edit, or download documents. You’ll also have better tools to manage your company’s e-mail and contacts.

Office 365 Will Improve Internal Communication

E-mail is the go-to application for communication. However, e-mail comes with inherent limitations that make it a less than perfect platform for interoffice collaboration. In the modern workplace, social media is quickly taking over for e-mail. Microsoft Office 365 includes many new apps and features that will make internal communications flow effortlessly.

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