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Microsoft Azure Consulting

Why Azure?

Many companies, including Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle, offer cloud computing services. Deciding on which company’s offering is best for your business is not easy. However, if you’re already using Microsoft’s products, Azure makes a lot of sense. Like the other companies, Microsoft’s Azure offers core cloud-based computing services, including servers, storage, and networking. But what makes Azure unique is the tight integration with a wide range of Microsoft software products.

Why Flexible?

The challenge for most businesses is understanding what tools are available and how to use them. That’s where we can help you. Our Microsoft certified consultants will help you identify which Azure products make sense for your business. And we’ll help you with the implementation, configuration, migration, and optimization of your cloud resources.

Azure Strategy

Microsoft Azure offers many tools that can solve problems for your business in a variety of ways. Our Microsoft certified consultants will assess your current situation, and help you develop a roadmap for building out your cloud infrastructure.

Azure Design

Similar to building a house, if you want to have a good outcome you’ll need to have a good plan. When designing your cloud infrastructure, it’s essential that you address your current situation and also plan for the future. Our Azure consultants will work with you to make sure you have a solid foundation for your business going forward.

Azure Implementation

The cloud comes with a new set of challenges and requires new skills. As an IT support and technology consulting firm, we’ve gained valuable experience in implementing Azure solutions. We can help you provision services, implement security controls, and with troubleshooting and testing.

Azure Optimization

The key to saving money with Azure is that it allows you to only pay for what you use. We’ll help you reduce costs by optimizing your configuration. You’ll get high performance when you need it, and when you don’t, we’ll dynamically shut down services to save you money.

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