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16 January 2012

A Major Hospital Upgrades Its Standard Desktop to Windows 7

A major Long Island hospital standardized their desktops with Windows XP which was not going to be available as an option on new computers. The hospital had to prepare their help desk for the implementation and support of the new Windows 7 operating system. Over the course of two weeks, Flexible trained over 30 members of the hospital’s support team on the use and administration of Windows 7. We demonstrated how new features such as BitLocker and ReadyBoost could improve the security and performance of their desktops. We introduced new tools such as Resource Monitor, Problem Step Recorder, and Resource Exhaustion Detection and Resolution (RADAR) that help with problem identification and resolution. We taught them how they could better manage the desktops using Powershell v2 scripting. We showed how Windows 7 integrates seamlessly with advanced features of Windows 2008 R2 with features such as DirectAccess and BranchCache.