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IT Security Assessment Services

Do You Need Help Responding to a Cyber Security Assessment Questionaire?

In an effort to reduce security breaches and potential liability, some of your customers and vendors will periodically request information related to your cybersecurity. These requests typically come in the form of lengthy questionnaires that ask for documentation of your policies, procedures, and how your systems are configured and maintained. If you fail to respond to these requests you may be faced with penalties or even discontinuation of your business relationship.

We’ll Help You Answer the Questions

Responding to these requests can be difficult because many of the questions require technical answers related to the configuration and operation of your hardware and software. Our Cyber Security team has experience responding to these questionnaires and the technical know-how to answer them properly.

We’ll Prepare the Necessary Documentation

Usually, the questionnaires require that you submit detailed documentation that describes your security policies and procedures. Additionally, you may be required to provide evidence that you follow these policies and procedures. Our team will produce professional documentation that will meet the requirements of the most rigorous assessments.

We’ll Identify Gaps in Your Cyber Security

The objective of these assessments is to identify if there are any gaps in your security. Gaps are the weak links in your security that can be easily exploited by cybercriminals. If any gaps are identified, your vendors or customers will require you to fix these problems. After the problems are fixed, you will need to resubmit the security questionnaire with all the necessary documentation.

We’ll Implement the Technology Needed to Protect Your Business

Because security gaps put your business at risk, it’s important that you resolve them as quickly as possible. Gaps in security may be relatively easy to fix, or they may require an investment in new technology. Our cybersecurity team will identify solutions that are appropriate for your business. Our engineering team will then install, configure and maintain the hardware and software needed to protect your business.

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