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Staff Duress Systems

Reduce Violence in Your Workplace

According to a recent study, one out of seven workers does not feel safe at work. These numbers get even worse when you ask people who work in hospitals, correctional facilities, or educational institutions. Reducing fear of workplace violence will make your employees happier and more productive.

Workplace Violence is a Huge Problem

Workplace violence is more common than you think. Did you know that over two million workers in America will be affected by workplace violence this year? Even with those frightening statistics, it’s essential to remember that your employees are more than just numbers, they’re co-workers, moms, dads, sons, daughters, sisters, or brothers. All of them deserve to work in the safest workplace possible.

Traditional Security Measures Are Not Enough

Traditional security systems are good at preventing unauthorized outsiders from entering your facility. Unfortunately, acts of workplace violence typically originate from people who are already inside your facility. Like a patient, family member, inmate, student, or co-worker.

A Better Way to Protect Your Staff

Imagine if your employees had a discrete way to request assistance whenever they felt trouble was brewing. Giving your employees this capability will help them defuse volatile situations before they erupt into violent acts. The preemptive capabilities of our system provide a lifeline that gives workers comfort that they will never be alone. Help is just a click away. And if faced with an emergency, they’ll have a reliable way to alert the security team of their exact location.

Pinpoint Staff Duress Systems

Pinpoint’s staff duress system is designed to reduce workplace violence. Our technology transforms an employee badge into a portable device that can be configured with multiple levels of alerts. Our technology is easy to use, discrete, and extremely reliable. And perhaps its most important feature is its unparalleled ability to quickly dispatch help to the precise location of where an alert originated.

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