Fever Detection Camera

Detect Fevers in Groups of People

Depending on your industry, you may not be able to scan one person at a time for a fever.  Schools, hospitals, entertainment venues, and many more types of organizations need the ability to scan many people at once.  Flexible’s Mass Fever Detection solution allows up to 16 people to be temperature checked at once. The system works while targets are walking and/or wearing masks. Allowing your organizations to thrive in uncertain times, our solution allows peace of mind that all entrants to your property are following your mandate.

Facial Recognition & Real-Time Insights

When multiple people are entering your facility at one time, it’s critical that you know immediately who has a fever.  That’s why our solution offers built-in facial recognition so the system can tell you who exactly has a fever, even if they have a mask on.  Customizable alerts allow your team members to get notified as soon as it happens so they can take action and protect your facility.  

A Reliable Solution that Won’t Slow You Down

Most fever detection systems require visitors to stand in front of a camera and wait before proceeding, this takes time and requires someone to supervise each person.  Our solution was built to handle up to 16 moving people per second with great accuracy and speed using thermal camera technology.  This solution allows you to protect your organization without slowing you down.

9 Things to Consider Before Buying A Fever Detection System

Fever Detection Camera

Dual Spectrum Camera Example

Our Dual Spectrum Fever Detection Camera is capable of detecting the temperatures of multiple people as they walk through an entryway or hallway.  It can quickly and accurately detect their temperatures without interrupting their day.  

  • Capable of Facial Recognition
  • Works with Masks
  • Supports the Detection of 16 People at One Time
  • Works While People are Walking
  • Realtime Monitoring & Custom Alerting

Designing Your Mass Fever Detection System

Proper design of your fever detection system is critical, and many things need to be considered. That’s why it’s important that every aspect of your system is carefully mapped out by engineers who understand this technology. The last thing you want is to encounter costly surprises during the installation. Our design team will provide a comprehensive plan covering what devices will be needed, how and where the fever detection cameras will be installed, and any integration with your existing IT or security systems. We’ll also work with your facilities team if any modifications need to be made to the entrances of your building. You can rest assured that your design will meet all building, electrical, and fire codes.

End to End Installation Support

If you would like to install the system yourself, our engineers will support you every step of the way. If you would like us to install the system for you, our in-house team will handle all phases of the project. Our electricians, IoT specialists, and IT Specialists take great pride in the work they do and are committed to doing things the right way.

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