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How Often Should You Blog for Your Business?
09 October 2013

How Often Should You Blog On Your Business Website?

Do you read the news? If so, you can imagine how boring it would be if the same stories repeated daily. Over time, you’d lose interest and stop reading, or cancel your subscription all together.

Blogging is similar.

Your audience is visiting your blog regularly to read fresh new content. If you blog too often, you’ll get exhausted. However, if you don’t blog enough, you’ll lose readers. So what’s the right balance?

Each new blog you create generates a new entry point for people to locate your blog through search engines. The more entry points you have, the easier people can locate your blog. Striking the right balance will grow your blog following, while keeping readers happy.

How Much is Enough?

New bloggers often think that daily posting is required. After all, the more content you create, the easier readers find you, right?

This is slightly true.

In most cases, weekly or bi-weekly blogging creates enough new content to drive more visitors to your website and generate a following. But it’s not just about blogging frequency, you also need to be consistent. For example, if you post weekly for a couple months, then skip a month or two – building a following becomes difficult. Avoid this problem by setting up a blogging schedule.

Scheduling your Blog Posts

As you start blogging, you’ll develop loyal followers. They’ll start checking your blog regularly, expecting to read fresh new content. An inconsistent posting schedule will disappoint followers, and eventually – they’ll get bored and find something else to read.

To keep your readers interested, you must consistently deliver what they’re expecting. Establish a set schedule, whether it’s weekly or bi-monthly, to keep your readers happy and coming back for more.

Right Day, Right Time

Once you select the right blogging frequency and set up a schedule, you might be tempted to “publish” immediately after writing a new post. Avoid this urge. Studies show the day of week and time of day matter when publishing new blog posts.

Drive more traffic to your blog by focusing on days and times known for high traffic. For example:

  • 70% of users say they read blogs in the morning
  • Peak reading times are 8am to 11am
  • Monday is the highest traffic day for most blogs

You should also consider when your target demographic is reading blog posts online. For example, research found that women typically read blogs in the morning, while a higher percentage of men read blogs in the evening hours. Producing a blog takes a lot of time, so you don’t want to miss your audience.

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