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16 January 2012

Hosted VoIP Provides Company Scalable, Portable Solution – with No Capital Investment

For a large lighting distributor, specializing in lighting design for high-end retail stores, business was booming. The company was growing and earnings were strong. Then something terrible happened. The company was the victim of an investment scam and lost millions of dollars. They were financially devastated.

Staff and operations were downsized and the company’s upscale office was relocated to the owner’s basement. Also, their spacious warehouse was moved to a lower rent option. The lighting distributor would recover from their losses, but for the next year they would operate on a tight budget.

Before the move, the lighting distributor had a premise-based PBX telephone system – which can’t easily be relocated. With a tight budget and fast approaching moving date, the company turned to Flexible for help.

Solving the Problem

Identifying the problem:

The move from business to residential area came with several challenges. For example, access to business class carriers for telephony services was extremely limited. Circuits would go down more often in a residential area – yet, business would need to continue without interruption.

The lighting distributor was also using a premise-based PBX telephone system that was unmovable. We wanted to identify a solution that would easily relocate from residential to office space in the future.

Location would also be a problem. After the move, the office and warehouse would be miles apart, and the company needed a system that would allow staff to “feel” like they were located in the same building.

After considering these problems, we recommended a hosted PBX solution that would be scalable and portable.

Implementing the Solution:

To allow for an easier transition, we moved the company to the hosted VoIP service Shoretel Sky before the relocation date. Since the VoIP system is hosted, they didn’t have to rip it out and move it. Instead, they simply picked up and moved the phones.

Also, Shoretel Sky provided circuit redundancy. If the main circuit failed, the company could leverage the internet as backup.

Staff and customers would benefit from a unified approach with special features, such as 4-digit dialing – even though the office and warehouse were located miles apart.

The long-term solution:

In a year, the company would move from basement to office space. We wanted to provide a long-term solution that was portable – and would scale up and down to meet business needs.

When business started to grow again, Shoretel Sky allowed the company to easily “dial up” their service. They could also add or reduce users without any upfront costs.

Moving Forward

The lightening company was faced with moving their phone system during a stressful time. Partnering with Flexible allowed them to analyze and optimize call flows. As a result, they were positioned better for future growth and had a scalable solution that would grow with the company.