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16 January 2012

Support and Strategy Services for Less than the Cost of a Full-time Employee

An IT director of an equipment manufacturer contacted Flexible Systems for help filling a network administrator position. This person would be responsible for end user technical support as well as infrastructure support.

Flexible Systems suggested two alternative approaches to acquiring the IT skills the manufacturer needed that would also save the company the expense of a full-time, mid-level employee. The first option was to hire a desktop support person at a lower pay rate and contract with Flexible for server support. The second option was to outsource all the end user, day-to-day technical support functions to Flexible as well as the higher-level server support.

After performing a cost analysis, the manufacturer decided to outsource both technical support and infrastructure support to Flexible Systems. In addition to being the least expensive option, this approach gives the company access to a full staff of engineers around the clock – versus a single person available during business hours. Plus, the vast majority of help-desk calls are low level and can be easily handled remotely. In the rare case that an issue cannot be resolved remotely, Flexible engineers go onsite to solve the problem.

The manufacturer saved so much money by outsourcing to Flexible that the company was able to procure additional services: a technology advisor and management team that can assist the IT director with technology strategy. Together, they help the IT director analyze current systems and identify ways to improve technology.