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16 January 2012

Email Continuity in the Cloud Saves Company from Email Shutdown during Large Storm

A local law firm was preparing for the storm of the century. Hurricane Sandy would soon make landfall, and the office was located right in the epicenter. They needed to act fast. With clients all over the country, power would be knocked out in a matter of hours – yet, the firm still needed the ability to communicate with clients through email.

The on-premise servers wouldn’t hold up during the storm. Soon, they would be off-line and the email server would be inaccessible. Sending and receiving emails would become impossible, leaving the company completely paralyzed during the storm. Flexible suggested a proactive approach.

Solving the Problem

Identifying the problem:

The law firm had four on-premise servers, with an internal solution for spam filtering. To operate during the storm, they would need a spam filter that functioned in the cloud with email continuity features. Flexible suggested a solution that would allow employees to send and receive emails from anywhere with an internet connection.

Migrating to new solutions:

We migrated the law firm to McAfee SaaS Email Protection and Continuity. This new solution provided:

  • Continuity for outage protection, which engages automatically whenever connectivity to the email server is lost due to planned or unplanned outages.
  • Complete inbound email filtering, with over 20 separate filters – with the ability to block 99% of spam before it reaches their network.
  • Comprehensive outbound email protection, which provides them with the ability to properly identify and handle malware, inappropriate emails, unauthorized content and other important issues.

Also, since we have a strong partnership with McAfee, we were able to escalate the law firm’s request, implementing the solution within 24-hours with zero downtime. During this time, we also changed the company’s MX records and quickly created new user accounts.

The long-term solution:

After Hurricane Sandy passed, Flexible suggested a comprehensive long-term solution that would strengthen the law firm’s ability to operate during a disaster. This included:

  • Migrating on-premise solutions into the cloud
  • Migrating email to Exchange Online with Office 365
  • Migrating file system in folder shares to Box
  • Migrating main application to NetSuite OpenAir

As a result, the company felt confident that when another disaster struck – they would be ready.

Moving Forward

A partnership with Flexible allowed the law firm to take a proactive approach to email continuity. The company’s clients were able to communicate easily with staff during the storm – and they avoided a total email shutdown. And for future disasters, the company was now positioned much stronger.