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16 January 2012

Continuous Backup Plan Saves Company from Excessive Downtime

A Long Island bakery that mass produces baked goods for hotels, diners and other large chains operates their business 24/7, including the holidays. The company was in the middle of producing and shipping orders on Thanksgiving evening – when the cycle came to an abrupt stop. Their server had crashed.

Prolonged downtime could be catastrophic – especially on Thanksgiving, the day before Black Friday. Production would come to a stop, drivers wouldn’t know where to go, and shipments would be confused, which could damage valuable client relationships.

Previously, the company engaged Flexible Systems to provide Backup and Disaster Recovery (BUDR) Services. With this type of service, Flexible recovers servers virtually and provides remote access in the event of an emergency. The bakery was completely paralyzed and depending on Flexible’s fast response.

Solving the Problem

Identifying the problem:

Flexible knew there was a problem before the client called. We received a “server down” alert from our 24/7 network monitoring system. Flexible’s team sprang into action. First, we got in touch with the bakery’s Network Administrator – then, our on-call engineer started troubleshooting the problem.

He connected to the bakery’s network remotely and identified the company’s main server hosting their ERP system was down. A series of network tests were run to pinpoint the problem. He discovered that a hardware failure was to blame, specifically, a bad system board. The server was 7-years old and no longer covered under any manufacturer warranty – therefore, we couldn’t get a replacement part.

The engineer restored the company’s failed server right onto the backup appliance. Since our BUDR solution is Datto, we had access to a local spin up feature. As a result, we didn’t have to resort to spinning up the server into the cloud, where the backup appliance replicates. Instead, a snapshot was taken within an hour of the crash – and the bakery was up and running again within minutes.

The long-term solution:

Once the immediate problem was solved, Flexible identified solutions that would prevent the situation from occurring again. This included migrating the company’s restored server as well as the rest of their server environment to a VMware vSphere virtualization envelopment.

We designed the solution using HP ProLiant DL360 servers and HP MSA P2000 shared storage, which is also called a SAN. The migration was seamless and accomplished within a short period of time.

Moving Forward

The bakery prepared for the worst. And when it happened, Flexible’s team was available, even on a holiday, to solve the problem. As a result, the bakery’s Network Administrator was able to enjoy the holiday, with minimal interruption – with Flexible handling everything quickly and easily.