HIPAA for Business Associates

HIPAA Compliance Isn’t Just for Healthcare Providers

Even if you don’t directly provide health care services your business may be classified as a business associate. It’s important that you understand what a business associate is because if you fall in this category, you must comply with the HIPAA regulations. As a business associate of a covered entity, each year you should receive a business associate agreement that is completed and kept on file at the covered entity. Even if they don’t notify you, it’s your responsibility to comply with the HIPAA regulations.

Is Your Company a Business Associate?

If your company will be exposed to or will be in possession of PHI during the course of conducting business with a Covered Entity, you will be classified as a Business Associate. Some examples of Business Associates include companies that provide: electronic data storage services, paper document storage, legal services, IT services, accounting services, consulting services, and any company that transmits, maintains, or manages PHI on behalf of a Covered Entity.

Managed IT Services – The Foundation of HIPAA Compliance

As your business becomes more reliant on technology information security is becoming increasingly important. The stakes become even higher if you are storing or transmitting Protected Health Information. As a managed services provider we know how to protect your business from cyber crime. Having your network designed, configured and maintained properly will not only protect your business from cybercrime but will cover 80% of what you need to do to make sure that you are HIPAA compliant.

Avoid Being Dropped by Customers – Not to Mention Civil or Criminal Penalties

If you fail to follow the HIPPA guidelines, your customers will have no choice but to switch to another provider that is compliant. And if that isn’t bad enough your business, or individuals that work at your company, may be held liable whether you knowingly or unknowingly violated HIPAA regulations.

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