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Storage in the cloud
16 January 2012

Company Eliminates File Transfer Inefficiencies through Cloud Content Management Solution

A commercial real estate firm that owns and manages shopping centers and strip malls had a problem. They were sending images, contracts and paperwork through an on-premise file server and email. File sizes were large, and getting files to external sales representatives, buyers, renters, attorneys and real estate firms was a challenge.

Users were sending the attachments through multiple email messages to avoid email bounce backs. This process was inefficient and time consuming. The company was frustrated.

Then, they discovered that Flexible was offering a Box webinar. This solution could solve their problems – and streamline file sharing through the cloud while improving efficiency. They signed up.

Solving the Problem

Identifying the problem:

After attending the webinar, the company asked Flexible to assist with the migration to Box. Through this partnership, we quickly learned that the firm had a lot of “back and forth” when working on documents. This created multiple document versions. But even worse, the files were saved in a variety of locations on the shared file server. This made locating, tracking and finding out who changed documents difficult and unorganized.

File users were also working remotely. Sales representatives downloaded documents to thumb drives and sent large file attachments through email. This process wasn’t efficient – and was wasting valuable time and resources.

Migrating to the new solution:

We migrated the company to Box. This secure solution allowed them to replace their previous file transfer systems with a streamlined alternative. Organization would be easier with a searchable file index. We also moved the company’s existing files to Box.

The new solution would also create an audit trail. When a file was moved, added or changed, it was traceable.

Box also provided the ability to:

  • Work with any mobile device, giving mobile workers access to critical content when they need it.
  • Users have anywhere, anytime access to content that is synced across all their devices.
  • Ability to add an unlimited amount of internal and external collaborators.
  • No on-premise installation, provisioning, maintenance or DMZ setup
  • Significantly lower hardware and storage costs.

Security features, including full data encryption, data center backups and redundancy would allow the company to keep sensitive data safe.

Moving Forward

The commercial real estate firm was struggling with inefficiencies that were affecting both staff and customers. Migrating to Box allowed them to replace an inefficient file transfer system – and enjoy a streamlined approach to file transfer and content management.