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06 November 2012

8 Things You Should Do to Prepare for the Next Storm

Stormy Weather Ahead

Every business should have a disaster recovery plan. This is a list of last-minute storm and hurricane preparation that you can make now. This is not intended to be a replacement for a true disaster recovery plan nor is it comprehensive.

Last-minute storm and hurricane preparedness tips:

  1. If you are using cloud-based or on-premise disaster recovery, ensure that you have a complete and up-to-date copy of your data. For on-premise disaster recovery, make sure that your archive media is protected and kept as far away as possible from both your main premise and the storm or hurricane path.
  2. Inform your employees how you will update them on business and weather conditions and also when it will be safe for them to return to work.
  3. Take photographs or make a video of your business establishment, both inside and outside, to help with property insurance claims.
  4. Protect your property with heavy plastic sheeting, duct tape, sandbags, an emergency generator, a chain saw and large pieces of plywood.
  5. Protect any non-electronic corporate records, keeping duplicates at an alternative location.
  6. Move critical equipment and furniture away from windows and skylights to a location preferably not on the first floor.
  7. Ensure all critical equipment is protected via surge protectors. If this is not possible, turn off electrical appliances and equipment (except for refrigeration equipment) in case there is a power surge.
  8. Bring in display racks and other objects, like trashcans, that can cause damage if airborne. Remove outdoor signs, especially those that swing or are portable.

A comprehensive disaster recovery plan will increase the likelihood that your business can continue to operate in the event of a disaster. Avoid costly downtime by planning ahead.